Ecclestone wants V8 return for 2016

Bernie Ecclestone believes that Formula 1 should revert to the use of V8 engines and says that a decision could be made in time for the start of the 2016 season.

Speaking to British publication the Independent, the F1 supremo lamented the current state of engine suppliers and went as far as to say that they are damaging the sport.

All F1 teams use 1.6L V6 turbo engines, however several manufacturers – notably Renault and Honda – have struggled to master the power units since their inception in 2014. It has been this struggle that has ultimately forced Renault’s hand amid growing, and very public tensions with main partner Red Bull.

The new turbo era’s powerhouses Mercedes and Ferrari’s intention to supply on one customer team each has left Ecclestone scratching his head in search of a solution that will keep all teams on the grid in the future.

But regarding the idea of V8s, the 84 year-old is adamant that public consultation is not necessary, adding to his statement he made to Russia Today earlier this month that ‘democracy is not needed in F1’.

“I don’t think we should get consent from the teams,” he told The Independent.

“I think we should just do it and say to them, ‘If you don’t like it you can go to arbitration’. We could get the V8s back next year. People can build them in no time so we ought to do it.

“If Ferrari only agreed to supply one customer engine, Mercedes only agreed to supply one, nobody would have any engines. That’s exactly what the situation is.

“We need an independent engine supplier. I’ve been on about this now for a year and a half.”



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